Nov 26, 2019 at 1:05PM
Lorrinda M Dekeyrel recommends John V. Pinto

Americas Business Operations - Western Digital

Look no further - you can't do better!

I first had the opportunity to work with John back in 2002 - and from that initial activity he told me that he considered me "family". I laughed to myself thinking, "yes, well that is a nice thing to say" ... but it is now 2019 and I can firmly attest to the fact - that once you work with John - you ARE family to him...and he is devoutly loyal to his family.

John will go above and beyond to insure his clients get the best service and response. He did not rest until I (well - actually my entire family) was happy.

I have bought and sold a few properties since that first transaction - many due to life changes - and each encounter John met me where I was - he listened - he evaluated - he devised an action plan - and in every instance he executed that plan flawlessly!

Whether I was downsizing anticipating starting a business where I needed liquidity, upsizing to accommodate starting a family, adjusting to accommodate divorce, adjusting again to accommodate new marriage, or now - resizing to accommodate a multi-generational living scenario - John was able to work with me to help me realize my needs.

His reputation and his strong network of relationships (also of the highest caliber) play in his clients favor. Be it having past relationships with many agents, sourcing special or unique financing, or a myriad of home services - John was able to support me/my family - no matter what presented itself.

For John it is not just about finding the right property or finding the right buyer - he leaves nothing to chance - and had his hand in every detail (and there are a TON of details). One scenario called for extended rent back - which he negotiated at no cost to me. Another scenario required a unique loan product that he had to "educate" each party on - an no one was scared off the deal! Yet another scenario called for 3 different transactions to all be orchestrated (or else parties would walk form the deal). Though I am sure other agents could also navigate these waters - I feel confident that John does it better and achieves the best outcomes for his clients. In fact, we story boarded almost every option and alternative - so that he goes in prepared - giving him the best position to maneuver in my best interests.

When friends (who were also purchasing) were complaining of being outbid time and time again or losing out to all cash buyers - I cannot remember a single instance of that when working with John.
When friend's properties sat on the market for weeks to months - my properties were listed and sold within a week (and all over asking price). Even in a tough market with a niche property - John and his team were able to find a buyer!

Needless to say - though I feel this is my LAST new home... if life presents a twist that requires another move - I am calling John. View More Info at

Oct 15, 2019 at 8:09AM
Richmond Appleton recommends John V. Pinto

Application Analyst

John is truly super hero. At least that's how my wife TaLeiza and I would describe his ability to guide first time home buyers like us through the home buying process. We had no idea but we had John. He helped us every step of the way, responding to emails and text at anytime of the day or night. As new home buyers we need someone with experience and John was that person. If we had to do all over again, John will always be our super hero.

Richmond Appleton. View More Info at

Aug 16, 2019 at 9:46AM
Rafael Betancourt recommends John V. Pinto


I have used John's services for 3 transactions so far, starting with buying my first home 15 years ago. This month John helped us sell it, and everything went very well. His advice on getting the property ready was invaluable, not just physical issues, but lining up early all the documentation, inspection reports, etc. On the Marketing side, he mounted a massive campaign that included his extensive mailing list as well as Facebook, etc. On the sales side, he personally contacted every person who showed up for open house/viewing, and once we got an offer, guided skillfully our negotiation process very quickly. Closing was also extremely painless. Have someone like John Pinto on your side with so much experience and insights of the local Silicon Valley market, I guarantee you will be pleased, View More Info at

Jul 18, 2019 at 1:12PM
Manuel Velasco recommends John V. Pinto

I had a really good experience working with John Pinto, the communication was great from the beginning to the end.

View More Info at

Jul 8, 2019 at 8:49AM
Kate Shin recommends John V. Pinto

John V. Pinto was a listing agent for a house I purchased. I was casually browsing and was not serious about the house until I met John at the open house. John was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable, kind, and funny, and he helped me to see the potential of the house. He was professional throughout the entire transaction, very prompt and smooth communications. Even after the deal was made, John even reached out to my lender and me to make sure that I have a set plan for the improvements of the house & ADU including the financial planning. I have been in this field for several years, and I have not met such a passionate, kind, and humorous agent--John is truly one of a kind and I consider myself lucky to have met him. View More Info at

Jun 26, 2019 at 8:31PM
Richard Worcester recommends John V. Pinto


John is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. I have personally worked with him on 31 transactions in the past 16 years and he has been consistently fair to all parties. His easy going, empathetic style makes one feel at home, and he always gets the job done. John should be the first choice for all your real estate needs! View More Info at

Mar 14, 2019 at 10:26AM
Timothy Mark Hightower recommends John V. Pinto

Retired NASA engineer & now Volunteer Pianist

John Pinto managed to push a very difficult project forward quickly and efficiently. Some of his initial genius ideas that helped push the project forward were geared toward helping me find the right path even before making the decision to sell the house. Selling the house that I grew up in since the age of 6 in 1962 was not easy on many levels, especially emotionally. Once the decision was made to sell the house, the ball got rolling and along the way a few key corrections were made that addressed concerns I had, and it was a collaborative team effort that came together nicely for a close of escrow in 28 days. By the way, we had a signed contract within 1 week of the property going on the market. I had not worked with John since 1989 when he found us the house we are still living in to this day. I am so glad I responded to his email in early January encouraging me to contact him for any and all real estate needs. I plan to continue to utilize his expertise in all real estate matters, including in the near future the prospect of selling some country acreage that has been in our family since the 1960's. When working with John, do not be afraid to tell him when you are not happy with some aspect of the process. He takes quick action and fixes it. John is a true professional with broad expertise. View More Info at

Jan 15, 2019 at 2:26PM
Ronald DeLay recommends John V. Pinto


John recently sold our home in Napa, Ca. We were thoroughly impressed with John's in depth knowledge of the Realty Business. He displayed all the professional characteristics one would expect of an individual in this business. His advertising program results in an "ENORMOUS" exposure of your property. Additionally, John displayed a unique and creative understanding of financing options that significantly increased the demographic base of potential buyers. If you want positive and timely realty results, we highly recommend you engage Mr.Pinto. View More Info at

Sep 14, 2018 at 12:01PM
Kevin Whalen recommends John V. Pinto

Former CFO at a software company

I have used John Pinto in the past to buy and sell houses for me, so I knew I could count on his exceptional service with my latest project. In this case, John listed and sold for me an unconventional property that had some significant challenges, including an uncooperative and antagonistic tenant who caused delay and difficulty at every turn. John’s experience, expertise and professionalism provided me with great peace of mind and allowed him to work through every issue to achieve a successful closing. He kept me informed every step of the way and was, as always, a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend John Pinto highly enough. View More Info at

May 18, 2018 at 8:22PM
Felix Budiao recommends John V. Pinto

Personal Trainer

John V. Pinto did an excellent job in the process of selling our house that was in probate and during the process as well helped us find a new developed home in Hollister, CA. He went above and beyond and was straight forward with everything. Very professional and he's been doing this for years! I would recommend John if your looking for a house or selling! View More Info at

May 9, 2018 at 4:26PM
Tom Madura recommends John V. Pinto

Professor, Home Buyer

I give John my highest recommendation. My wife and I recently moved to CA, and John was highly recommended to me by my new co-workers, several of whom also bought their houses through John. Being new to the Bay Area and first-time home buyers, we were very intimidated by the current market. However, John made the whole process painless. He is extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable, fast to respond, thorough, friendly, and easy going. With over 40 years of experience in the Bay Area real estate market, he has the skills and contacts essential to closing in this tough market. We contacted John in late March 2018 and were able to close on out #1 choice by first week of May! We didn’t have to go through making tons of offers on multiple properties or endure a bidding war for our preferred property. John was always quick to respond to my questions and thoroughly detailed in his answers. Overall, I could not have asked for a better real estate professional, and I doubt any exists. I guarantee that if you are looking to buy and work with John, and let him follow his process, you will be incredibly happy with the results. View More Info at

Apr 7, 2018 at 10:41AM
Ronald orlando recommends John V. Pinto


I have found John to be very reliable and a man of integrity. He gave us a timeline of how the sale of our home would go and was there to execute every aspect of the sale. I would use him again if the opportunity arises. View More Info at

Mar 29, 2018 at 7:38AM
Nikki Zeng recommends John V. Pinto

John and Ellen are the best realtors we have worked with so far. They have very comprehensive insight
for housing market in the whole bay area. Their experiences were gained from 40+ years in real estate area.
They are super experts for all aspects of house purchase, like contract negotiation, loan application,
appraisal, house repair etc. Under John's supervision, the whole house purchase procedure was very smooth
and moving super fast. In the last minute, the cashier check has a recipient typo. John quickly took action
and communicated with bank to resolve it. We appreciate the help from John and Ellen very much! We absolutely would
like to recommend John and Ellen to any friends we know that need to buy a house.
View More Info at

Jan 31, 2018 at 10:53AM
Steve Maciel recommends John V. Pinto

Home owner

John and Ellen Pinto are the best !
I highly recommend their knowledge , abilities at getting every detail at lightening speed, their patience at my many questions.
I could go on and on but on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best, I give them a 12!!!! Not a misprint. A twelve !
Thank You to the Pinto Realty Organization!!
Steve Maciel
Aptos, Ca View More Info at

Dec 6, 2017 at 9:40AM
David Martin recommends John V. Pinto

Design Engineer

John was outstanding in helping us find a home last year. We met to discuss our goals in Napa at a lovely winery, aligned our process, and moved forward. He was especially helpful in strategy for avoiding bidding wars. We found the right home within 40 days or so, made our offer which was accepted. He paired us with a loan broker, and we managed to close in 17 days. What more could you ask for? As a first home buyer, I felt John helped us avoid major pitfalls. I am very building savvy, so I was aware of condition issues, but John's contractor experience was invaluable when reviewing disclosure packages. He added much to the process I was not aware of. His team is responsive, friendly, and will help you realize your goals! Thanks John and sorry this review came so darn late. View More Info at

Aug 22, 2017 at 9:57AM
LARRY MATTISON recommends John V. Pinto

John was a great help in our house search. He stuck with us for many months and walked us through the process when we finally did get an offer accepted. I plan on recommending John to anyone else that I know that is in the market for a new home. View More Info at

Aug 18, 2017 at 6:14PM
Salvador Villalpando recommends John V. Pinto

Plumbing Contractor

John is an elite agent. His customer service and expertise in the real estate industry made my dream come tru. I can now say that I am a homeowner. I didnt settle for any home, John got me the home that was #1 on my choice list. Thanks John for your hard work! View More Info at

Aug 3, 2017 at 8:03PM
Fabrizio Vergine recommends John V. Pinto


I hope that this review will not be overlooked by other buyers in the Bay Area as John is really the best realtor one can look for and I am not exaggerating. For those that do not want to read the full review, I can immediately say that John helped us buying a fantastic brand new home in just about 3 months! I informed him of my new position at the beginning of May and we got the keys of the house at the beginning of August. Keep in mind that we are first-time home buyers with absolutely zero experience in anything concerning these complicated transactions and we had to move from Texas at the end of July, thus, leaving basically everything in his hands. He helped us find the house in three days at the end of May when we came in the Bay Area for house hunting, he guided us during escrow serving also as a mediator between builder, lender and escrow officers and he even did the final walkthrough on our behalf. He was able to predict with 100% accuracy every step, including our emotions during the various stages of the transaction! In a few words, John is an extremely professional realtor, an uncommonly trustworthy person, a friend and a great genuine Italian! View More Info at

Jul 28, 2017 at 4:39PM
Josh and Licha Drake recommends John V. Pinto

John did a great job for us in a very quick timeline--45 days from our first conversation with John to possession of our new house. We were moving in from out-of-state and he helped us both quickly find and successfully bid on a house as well as navigate all the financing and closing items while we were still out-of-state. He was both a great thought partner as well as problem solver who was proactively and doggedly managing every issue. We could not recommend him more highly for his real estate expertise in terms of both the local market and closing process. July, 2017. View More Info at

Jul 17, 2017 at 9:26AM
Matthew Walsh recommends John V. Pinto


Over the years, I have been involved in the purchase of many homes, in several different states. John is the best, most committed real estate broker I have ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and communicates effectively and often. This last purchase was a difficult process because of the mortgage lender's glacial, and ever shifting movement. John stayed in touch every step of the way. I know that this deal would not have happened without John's contacts and knowledge of the San Jose real estate world. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone planning a real estate transaction in his geographical areas of expertise.

Now John is helping us rent one unit of the duplex we bought. We look forward to celebrating the completion of this deal and, if I ever need a real estate broker again, I will call John first. View More Info at

May 23, 2017 at 8:17AM
Caroline Phan recommends John V. Pinto


Working with John as our realtor made the process very easy. He is very responsive to questions and resourceful when dealing with any issues. Purchasing a property in this area can be very difficult, however, John’s expertise helped guide us in the strategy needed to buy a property. John is proactive and ensures the transaction moves along. He explains the process from beginning to end so you know what to expect. I believe his interaction with the realtor on the other side of the transaction helps as well. I really appreciated his no-nonsense business approach, his great sense of humor and fantastic restaurant tips.
As soon as I am ready to buy another property he will be the first person I call!
View More Info at

Dec 12, 2016 at 4:00PM
Alice Bron recommends John V. Pinto


John helped us very well. He gave us great houses to go and see, including maps for route and order, to make our time efficient. He followed up really fast once we started working together. He was strategic in offers and knew the right value to bid. He was quick to organize paperwork, very thorough in walk through of the house. John came with recommendations for contacts to help us fix what needed fixing. All in all a great experience and a successful job! View More Info at

Nov 30, 2016 at 9:12PM
Alex M. recommends John V. Pinto

John was extremely helpful and professional. These days, real estate agents seem to think being there to write the bid for places you find on Zillow is enough to warrant their commission. John offers old school service. He advises houses to visit, strategizes with you on the bid, helps and drives the negotiations and inspections. He's extreme supportive through the whole process and a good guy to have on your side. Clearly very experienced - totally recommended. View More Info at

Sep 13, 2016 at 6:02PM
Daniel Roest recommends John V. Pinto

Arts Nonprofit ED

I'd known of John Pinto for years as someone with special skills in "vintage" homes in San Jose. Although I had a good friend who was a realtor and would love to have represented me, I had a strong hunch John would be the more successful choice for our 1905 Queen Anne, and we engaged him. As expected, John put his special skills to work immediately, and we got a quick, all cash sale for a little above our asking price. View More Info at

Aug 23, 2016 at 10:56AM
Dale Anderson recommends John V. Pinto


When my wife and I decided to move from our home of 35 years, a trusted business associate recommended John as the best man to help us find our new home. John quickly got to know us and discovered what we were looking for. Within a day or two he called us with our "perfect fit". As soon as we saw the home, we agreed and put in an offer. From start to finish, John was proactive, thoughtful, and professional. He made us feel connected to our soon-to-be new location by relating amusing and informative anecdotes about the area. He answered our questions before we asked them. He stayed in touch throughout a stressful situation. We highly recommend John. View More Info at

Jun 29, 2016 at 8:17AM
Elizabeth Panagotacos recommends John V. Pinto

Occupational therapist

John Pinto made selling our Sunnyvale condominium seamless. I highly recommend John and his entire staff. His mastery of both the market and the industry made the entire process run smoothly and efficiently. He maintained the highest level of respect toward everyone involved throughout the entire process. John is not only professional but also personable, and made the process enjoyable!
View More Info at

May 13, 2016 at 3:10PM
Crystal C recommends John V. Pinto

Restaurant Mgr

Working with John was very straight forward and without any difficulty. John is very responsive and proactive to get the ball rolling. We felt very comfortable with the entirety of the rental process, and John made sure to check in frequently so that nothing was missed. John is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced in the real estate industry. These attributes show through in his great work.

John was recommended to us by a friend and we are so glad that we followed up! Thank you John!

-Austin and View More Info at

Jan 29, 2016 at 8:34AM
Laurie Miller recommends John V. Pinto

John knows real estate! He not only helped us with the sale of our home but also with the purchase of our new home out of state. He helped us choose the realtor for the out of state oroperty. He kept the out of state realtor "on the ball". Both transactions went very smoothly and quickly with closing one day after the other. I would highly recommend John V. Pinto. View More Info at

Jan 21, 2016 at 12:55PM
Alvin Miller recommends John V. Pinto

Retired Manager at Facebook, Google

John is an outstanding agent! I would recommend that anyone considering buying or selling a home to contact him. He has 40+ years of experience and is an expert in transactions in the Bay area. He has helped me to buy and sell a home in San Jose and both transactions have gone very smoothly. I would give him 5.5 stars out 5 stars, since he has gone beyond just the normal duties of an agent. His communications skills and attention to details are superb. I have recommended him to all of my family and friends. View More Info at

Jan 18, 2016 at 1:58PM
Cameron Hempstead recommends John V. Pinto

Architectural Designer

John did a wonderful job helping us find our house in Redwood City.
The seller's realtor for our house told us that another offer at a higher price came in the same day as our offer, but that John was the reason we got it. He said that John was such a great person to work with and convinced the seller that we were the right couple to sell to. We can't thank John enough for this.

John was great about checking in with the seller's realtor to figure out the best offer that we should give and see where we stood with the competition on many different places. He was always positive about our options, even when we became discouraged about offers being rejected. He had new places for us to look at and was happy to track down more information about ones that we thought might be the one. View More Info at

Dec 19, 2015 at 4:41PM
Carol Nagel recommends John V. Pinto

Healthcare Professional

Mr. Pinto is awesome. He went above and beyond to ensure we got the home we wanted. The whole experience was pleasant, well organized and streamlined. Mr. Pinto was there every step of the way, and kept us informed on what was happening. I am very happy. I highly recommend Mr. Pinto. View More Info at

Dec 9, 2015 at 8:38AM
Don Schukraft recommends John V. Pinto

CEO, Western Weather Group, Inc.

John did an excellent job in selling our house in November 2015. He was professional, a good communicator and easy to work with. John knew the realty business and how to stage the house to attracted buyers. Our house sold in less than a week and well above the asking price. I would recommend John for buying or selling a property. View More Info at

Nov 27, 2015 at 5:58PM
Dale Lukas Peterson recommends John V. Pinto

Human being

John is a beacon of hope for the first time home buyer. He made great tactical decision and gave great advice on things to ask of the various other people involved in a home purchase (mortgage broker, lender, title company, listing agent, etc).

John made himself available at all hours of the day -- early and late. He responded to all of our emails and texts very quickly and this promptness really helped out to make sure we got in our home before Thanksgiving. View More Info at

Oct 31, 2015 at 2:33PM
Lynn Pinto recommends John V. Pinto

President of Foundation

Transaction was very smooth, easy and clean View More Info at

Sep 22, 2015 at 2:21PM
Diane Brazil recommends John V. Pinto

Communications Director

I had the great pleasure of working with John when he was President of the San Jose Real Estate Board. Part of his brilliance is in his ability to see the big picture and to strategize on all sizes of projects, including helping his clients in the buying and selling processes. He invests the time it takes to understand his clients and ensure their goals are met. In short, he is a superior Realtor and a genuinely good person whom I would trust with my life. View More Info at

Sep 1, 2015 at 8:39PM
Vero recommends John V. Pinto

Program Manager

Buying a house in the bay Area, where you just received the green card was a challenging task.
You don't have a clue on what you need to do, what to look for and how to avoid unpleasant surprise!

John helped us to collect our wishes and to prioritize them. He proposed us houses tour every week-end we were available. He adapted the house search with our previous visits feedback. Very patient , he answered our questions and ease our fears.

When we found our dream house, he guided us thru the negotiations, loan search and paperwork. We also exchanged our love of food and recipes but that's another story.

We love our house and we thank John every day since 2011. View More Info at

Aug 30, 2015 at 9:54PM
Leo and Pat Slattery recommends John V. Pinto

Friend and Bocce partner

John has been involved with purchases and refinancing of 3 homes. His is very familiar with both locations where we bought homes, Milpitas and Napa. John was instrumental in helping us to purchase our current home in Napa. When it comes to questions about real estate and solutions to best suite both seller and buyer John cannot be topped. We have been friends for over 35 years and always recommend John to friends and relatives. If we are in the market for another home or a rental property John is the answer. Less us not forget about Ellen, John's wife and partner. Ellen is always willing to answer questions and has also been very helpful in all of our dealings with John. View More Info at

Aug 30, 2015 at 9:15AM
Stan Heller recommends John V. Pinto

Home Buyer

John was quite helpful with our first venture into home buying. He has automated most of the laborious paperwork that accompanies this transaction. He was available, cheerful and helpful in areas that as a 'newbie' were details I had not considered. The entire process went much quicker than I anticipated. I attribute that to John's organizational skill and his ability to convey what must be done to the prospective buyer.
View More Info at

Aug 3, 2015 at 6:35AM
Neil Everhart recommends John V. Pinto

John V Pinto is over the top! John spent time with us to understand our objectives and judge the property. Then he storied boarded the way the sale would progress along with the timing. And then he made it happen. From listing to the sale of our home to the purchase of the our next home in less then 30 days. John and his team are amazing.

Our daughter recommended John to us as he has performed real estate miracles for her for several years. And her recommendation is top notch in out book. View More Info at

Jul 31, 2015 at 4:56PM
Al and Joanna Forse recommends John V. Pinto

retired and Georgia bound

My wife and I are very happy that we went with Mr. Pinto to sell our home. He is pleasant and entertaining, but very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to real estate.
He knew just what to do to get our home sold fast but at a price we found agreeable. We had several offers and in less than 2 weeks it was sold and we were packing our things.
Thanks, John, for everything, especially all of your hard work and your expertize. View More Info at

Jul 24, 2015 at 10:28AM
Jeff Lewis recommends John V. Pinto

I highly recommend John Pinto and his entire staff. His exemplary knowledge of both the market and the industry made the entire process run smoothly and efficiently. His no-nonsense attitude kept things moving forward even while he maintained the highest level of courtesy and respect toward everyone involved. John’s professionalism rendered a difficult process manageable, and his unwavering assistance saved us both time and money. His impressive culinary skills also enhanced the experience. View More Info at

Jul 24, 2015 at 7:31AM
Sharon recommends John V. Pinto

John, is very professional while injecting humor into every deal. Real estate he knows this inside and out. View More Info at

Jun 15, 2015 at 3:01PM
Esther LeMay recommends John V. Pinto

We have known John Pinto since he was instrumental in us purchasing our first house in April of 1986. We have lived in this house for 29 years and have been very happy here. When it was time for us to sell it, there was no one else that we even considered. John held our hands throughout the sales process and told us what the outcome would be. He taught me to breathe to make me relax when stress reared it's ugly head. He cooked for us. We could not have wished for a better outcome. The house sold in record time and for an amount undreamed of by us, especially me. He organized our going away party which was a great success. Now it's off to Florida for us. Thanks John and Ellen! View More Info at

May 4, 2015 at 10:00AM
Sophia Heller recommends John V. Pinto

John help me, my fiance, my sister and her husband buy a duplex in Santa Rosa. He was great, he addressed all our concerns about being first time home buyers and helped steer us in the right direction and an awesome property! He worked with the selling agent and even got them to lower the price a bit!
He was always very accessible and genuinely wanted to find us the right house, no matter how long it took. I plan on working with him again when I'm ready to buy my next property! View More Info at

Apr 20, 2015 at 8:04PM
Eric Berdahl recommends John V. Pinto

John is the most reality-based realtor I know. Tell him what you need, what you want, and what you can do, and he delivers an experienced and well-thought description of how to best accomplish your goals and dreams. He similarly works with other agents, sellers, and buyers with that same candor and strict business-like demeanor.

John is personable, friendly, and fun. He'll make a friend at every event and gathering he attends. His Brooklyn Italian persona is infectious -- he'll have you yearning for linguini with clams within an hour. View More Info at

Apr 3, 2015 at 11:01AM
Karen Wallace recommends John V. Pinto

English professor and seller of the home

I love John Pinto. Not only did he sell my mother's house for me for more than I'd hoped to dream, but he took me to the coolest restaurant in the the Napa Valley to celebrate, arriving on a motorcycle, and then over a year later looked up tax information on the sale for me. The man is a god. View More Info at

Mar 24, 2015 at 5:47AM
Sue Gillio recommends John V. Pinto


We met John when we were looking for our very first home. Twenty-three years ago, on Christmas Eve, john helped us put an offer on our third attempt. The day after Christmas, with 9 other offers in tow, we found out we got the house. John walked us through our naive perspective on home buying and showed us our home. John, we thank you! View More Info at

Mar 6, 2015 at 4:20PM
Anonymous recommends John V. Pinto

I highly recommend Mr Pinto himself and his entire office staff for all your real estate needs. They made our house purchasing process nearly painless. View More Info at

Feb 21, 2015 at 8:42AM
Edith Logue recommends John V. Pinto

Learning & Development Manager

John is a seasoned real estate agent. He is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry and gets the job done. John knows how to price a home to sell and ensure that the property shows in its best possible light. View More Info at

Jan 26, 2015 at 4:16PM
Evor C. Vattuone, CFP recommends John V. Pinto

President, Aspire Capital Management

I've worked with John Pinto on my family's behalf as well as my client's behalf. John is one of those rare professionals that always seem to have great ideas, that are always founded by much experience, while using an outstanding process of buying and selling real estate. John is so well networked and process oriented that it seems that what is normally the stressfull journey of buying and selling real estate is made as easy as buying and selling a stock...even though it's absolutely not! John's creativity when an unusual situation arises, helps keep options open and a well thought out solution always close at hand.
I wholeheartedly recommend John Pinto for any real estate needs. View More Info at

Jan 26, 2015 at 3:26PM
Kristin recommends John V. Pinto

JVP is a fantastic agent... he is very knowledgeable about all the different areas and all aspects of real estate in general, and more importantly he makes you feel important and taken care of, which is a real treat. It was a pleasure purchasing my home with John and his excellent team. View More Info at

Jan 26, 2015 at 10:48AM
Anonymous recommends John V. Pinto

We bought two homes through John and sold one through him.

We were happy with both of the transactions. John and his team really helped the process to move smoothly. View More Info at

Jan 26, 2015 at 8:08AM
Chris Padilla recommends John V. Pinto

Satisfied homeowner of 16+ years

John's outstanding knowledge of Bay Area real estate (along with his quirky humor) and exemplary courtesies are sure to satisfy even the most demanding clients. He has a down to earth approach and I think you'll find working with him to be a fun, exciting experience. Get him to cook you a meal!! View More Info at

Jan 22, 2015 at 10:54PM
Don recommends John V. Pinto


John is a great, hard working agent who was able to navigate the ins and outs of VA buying in a seamless and focused manner. He worked to make the deal happen and he was a great pleasure to work with.

Thanks John, we appreciate all of your efforts! View More Info at

Jan 21, 2015 at 12:44PM
petr recommends John V. Pinto

I bought my first house with John as my agent. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, after first meeting we established my needs and desires and John presented me with selection of houses I could inspect without any sale pressures.
He's got contacts to the financing side as well, so the transaction was seamless and efficient.
The whole Realty World operation with Ellen holding the fort in home office is first class. View More Info at

Jan 21, 2015 at 12:03PM
Richard Ferry recommends John V. Pinto

father, husband, homeowner, self-employed psychotherapist (LMFT).

John Pinto helped me buy my first house. I had no experience in real estate. He exceeded his ethical obligations to help me get onto a good, solid house that I could afford. He really guided me NOT to become infatuated with superficial, cosmetic features, and to stay focused on fundamentals;l structural integrity, pipes, heating, electrical, life expectancy of roof, etc. Once, he brought a foundation specialist who determined the house would need extensive repairs that were not obvious to the previous inspector. (I did not buy that house.) His knowledge of the architectural history of San Jose was vast. His grasp of intricacies of funding and his network of resource people was comprehensive. He was patient; I was his client for about 14 months. His professionalism was above and beyond the call of duty and I have always been grateful for his help. View More Info at

Jan 20, 2015 at 11:31AM
Boris and Ting-May recommends John V. Pinto

happy customers

We have worked with John for more than 8 years and we think his great experience and attention to client's needs make him a great real estate agent.

John was our agent when we bought our first house in 2008. John not only focused on the purchase but, since we did not have any real estate experience, he also took time to teach us all the things that were essential for us as prospective landlords. This was a foreclosed property so it took some time to negotiate with the bank. John showed quite a bit of patience and he got a great deal for us.

We were so happy with the experience that we used his services for buying two more rental properties in 2012. (Both of them were short-sale transactions.)

In addition to helping us with the actual purchases, John has been very helpful with follow through activities - recommending a property manager for us and finding handymen for doing repair and landscaping of the properties.

Given our great experience with him, we have wholeheartedly recommended him to a number of friends. We will not hesitate to use his services ourselves in the future again. View More Info at

Jan 20, 2015 at 9:22AM
Jimit recommends John V. Pinto

Director, Cisco Systems

I worked with John 11 years back for my first home and it was superb experience. He made life very easy and took out all the anxiety I had as first time home buyer. Definitely worth having him as your agent when you are buying new home. I will consider him for my 2nd home. View More Info at

Jan 20, 2015 at 8:45AM
Anonymous recommends John V. Pinto

John did an outstanding job during the purchase of my home. His office kept in touch, and answered all my questions. John took the time to show me a lot of homes over a six month period. Finally, I was able to purchase a home of my dreams. Years later, John helped me retitle my house in my trust as well at no charge.

I would highly recommend John to anyone who is buying or selling a home. View More Info at

Jan 20, 2015 at 8:27AM
Rafael Betancourt recommends John V. Pinto

Repeat client

"John represented me as Buyer's Agent - he is awesome! He is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. His online e-signature system made the transaction very smooth and made it fit in my busy schedule. He also helped me buy my first home in 2004 and the experience then as now was awesome." View More Info at

Jan 20, 2015 at 6:28AM
Sam Kumarsamy recommends John V. Pinto

Marketing Consultant

I worked with John Pinto on a short sale of my condominium in San Jose in 2012. He was professional and efficient in his dealings with me. He sold my apartment without any cost to me in about 3 months View More Info at

Dec 4, 2014 at 12:01PM
Helen Cassino recommends John V. Pinto


John is a highly professional Realtor. He sold our home in San Jose in a very quick manner and for full price. I would reccomend him to anyone.

View More Info at

Nov 26, 2014 at 12:59PM
Patti Morasch-Collins recommends John V. Pinto

I have known John Pinto both personally and professionally for over 30 years. Over the years, he has successfully marketed homes for me and my family. John is always up to speed on the ever-changing real estate market, as well as current tools and techniques to get the job done quickly and seamlessly. I recommend John Pinto highly. It is always a pleasure to do business with him. View More Info at

Nov 25, 2014 at 12:48PM
Gordon Getty recommends John V. Pinto

Apps Engineer

John is a terrific realtor, he knows his business inside out and we would not have our current home had John not guided us through the very tricky process with several bumps on the road. He is thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with. We keep in touch with John regularly and he would definitely be our number 1 choice of realtor. We trust John implicitly and are very happy to recommend him to our friends. View More Info at

Nov 25, 2014 at 9:13AM
Dave Cavanaugh recommends John V. Pinto

Customer and Friend

I have only the highest praise for John V. Pinto.

John was our realtor when we bought our home in Los Gatos and then Sold it over 10 years later.

In this business, trust is essential. We always felt that John gave us the straight story about value, made excellent recommendations, and was able to fully negotiate the sales on our behalf. He explained what would happen every step of the way and provided updates and information that more than met our needs.

Despite having only two business transactions with John over the past 20 years, John has established a very strong friendship with me and my family. I can't say enough about John's sincerity, empathy, and heart. When dealing with life's challenges (divorce, death of a parent), John was there with kind and comforting words and actions. I highly value the person that John is, not simply his Real Estate Prowess.

In business, I value John's efforts to educate by bringing the experts in the field together to provide a wholistic view of real estate investments to customers and the public (including financing, RE law, etc in addition to his expertise in the physical RE Process). I also value that John has been a leader in using technology by example having adopted tablet, wireless, and paperless (as much as possible) transactions to speed up the RE process and keep all involved in the transaction completely informed. View More Info at

Nov 20, 2014 at 3:47PM
Lynn & Randy Fall recommends John V. Pinto


John Pinto was recommended to me by my brother Erich. When our father passed away I was left to sell our parents home as part of the estate. I wanted a quick sale and did not want to deal with doing the work that the home needed. John listed it "as is" and at a fair market price, within 24 hours of the first open house the home sold. I was very happy to say the least.

Last year after my father-in-law passed away my mother-in-law and sister-law-in were living in a less than desirable neighborhood and really needed to relocate. With John's help we were able to relocate them to a home we purchased that is close to us and in a family oriented neighborhood. Whether you are buying or selling, John Pinto is the real estate agent you want for the job. He listens to you and handles all the details. He's fast and doesn't waste anytime. View More Info at

Nov 20, 2014 at 10:30AM
Mary Shenouda-Williams recommends John V. Pinto

VP of IT

My husband and I were clueless with the whole "buying a house" process and we decided to use John as our realtor since he helped my co-worker buy a house and he's a long-time friend as well as very experienced. We knew we wanted to find a house in a specific area but our budget was tight. I never considered looking at foreclosed houses until John took us to visit a few. He helped us look past what the house looked like now and what could be done to improve it. He also offered excellent insight as to what could be wrong with the house and why we may/may not want to put offers in certain houses.

His team was excellent in putting offers in several houses and securing a loan. We eventually found our house and John continued to help with the process with getting the house inspected, etc.

John is very knowledgeable and honest and those are qualities that you want in your realtor. He isn't pushy or tries to force you to make a decision when you're not ready. He also makes sure that he is available when you need him. View More Info at

Nov 16, 2014 at 8:48PM
Cameron and Elizabeth Crom recommends John V. Pinto

We finally have our own home thanks to John Pinto. We thought we couldn't manage it because we didn't have a big down payment or excellent credit, but John made the impossible possible. We spoke to other Realtors, but they said they couldn't help us. He is very knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude. We closed in 30 days without a problem. We couldn't have done this without John and his associates. We highly recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home. View More Info at

Nov 16, 2014 at 7:37PM
Kate Ponton recommends John V. Pinto

John goes far out of his way to understand what you want and make it happen. He truly understands the industry and can make sense of it, and he explains well to a novice or experienced home buyer or seller. I wouldn't consider any other realtor! View More Info at

Nov 14, 2014 at 6:07PM
Gerry Marmion recommends John V. Pinto

Repeat client

John helped me buy a a house, sell it, and buy another one, all of which transactions went very smoothly over a period of about three decades. I'd been listening to John on Bay Area radio stations long before I met him. He was president of the Board of Realtors at the time and the go-to guy on all matters related to real estate. I found him to be exceptionally well informed on housing trends, mortgage rate trends, and in all related matters: pricing, legal requirements, financing, showing a home, and, especially, selling a home. (The home he sold for me was bought within hours of being on the market.) He's naturally gregarious, an excellent listener, and an outstanding salesman. He holds himself to the highest ethical standards and genuinely enjoys helping people with their housing needs. I can't recommend John highly enough. View More Info at

Nov 14, 2014 at 9:16AM
C. Mateo recommends John V. Pinto

Our family has turned to John Pinto for our real estate needs for the past 35 years. You can't beat his service and expertise. View More Info at

Nov 13, 2014 at 4:29PM
Scott Gill recommends John V. Pinto

Former Sr. Vice President of Realty World Nor CA & NV

I have known and done business with John Pinto for appx 15 years. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable brokers I have come across in the 38 years I have been in the real estate related industries, dealing with many1,000s of brokers throughout CA.

If you looking to do business with a "documented pro" call John, you'll be glad you did! If you're lucky, he'll probably make you dinner!! :-) View More Info at

Nov 12, 2014 at 11:39AM
Erich R. Kaspar recommends John V. Pinto

It has been my pleasure to have John Pinto help me with both the purchase and sale of personal residences. I was totally secure with John's knowledge of every aspect of the business and at all times felt that he represented my best interests. Spending time with John is also a pleasure. I highly recommend John Pinto to be your realtor. View More Info at

Nov 11, 2014 at 11:05PM
Larry Rothstein, Esq. recommends John V. Pinto


John's a great guy, dedicated agent, and will work hard to get the job done. I recommend him heartily. View More Info at

Nov 11, 2014 at 5:27PM
Micahel Treitman recommends John V. Pinto

John and I go back 25 years or more. Friends, Co-Workers, Business Associates, Clients.

He has handled the sale of my homes, and helped me buy new places. He is a trusted buddy, who shares his business sense and shows his loyalty. He is a good guy. View More Info at

Sep 16, 2014 at 6:14PM
Cynthia West recommends John V. Pinto


I have worked with John on 5 transactions since 1997 and he's been a joy to work with every time. His real estate knowledge and resources are vast. I always appreciated John's honesty and "tell it like it is" approach. I knew I could count on John to guide me through each transaction with forthright advice. He is a consummate real estate professional and all around great guy! View More Info at

Jul 14, 2014 at 9:06PM
James P. Reber recommends John V. Pinto

Seller, Trustee for Estate

I highly recommend John V. Pinto as a Realtor. I have used his services a few times, as have other members of my family. What I particularly like about John is that he takes a very complicated process and simplifies it. His instructions on what to do next are always clear. He is always upbeat and positive and above, all, he keeps the interests of his clients first in his mind. I just used John Pinto for a rather complicated sale and I am more than pleased with the work he did. View More Info at